MOCA TV “Art in the Streets” Risk - The Skid Row Mural Project

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Risk is a graffiti legend. Over three decades Risk’s undeniable impact on Los Angeles has echoed all over the world. As an innovator of writing on “Heavens” or freeway overpasses Risk began a dialog with his surrounding community. Now as a father of four the desire to create still burns deep within him but the message has a new aim. Risk wants to uplift and evoke emotion using the rawest form of his craft… color.

12ozProphet photographer Birdman has documented Risk extensively at work in his studio, as well as in the streets of Los Angeles and Miami. Birdman had a hand in helping this video come together as the 2nd Camera and First A.D. working closely with Todd Mazer. Keep an eye out for a 12ozProphet Exclusive Interview with the West Coast graffiti legend Risk in the near future.

Skid Row Freewalls,
LA Freewalls,
Todd Mazer,
Los Angeles,

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Yolk22 - Saturday January 19, 2013 at 09:05 AM...

Yolk22 on 12ozProphet

Great to see this.  Dope work as usual, great meaning behind it as well.

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