MOCATV Art In the Streets Episode 13 - Henry Chalfant’s All City

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The film All City grew out of Henry Chalfant’s desire to produce a youth oriented TV series that touched on the hip hop culture he helped bring to the masses as a producer of the classic documentary Style Wars. Wanting to try his hand at film making, Chalfant began conducting interviews and recording footage with Dondi, Butch, Mare, Brim, and Spank TC5 among others. While the series as planned never made it to fruition, the footage assembled is a window shedding light on all elements of the culture. The music, the movements, the fashion, and, of course, the graffiti is all here.

Appearances by Dondi, Butch, Mare, Brim, James Top,The Magnificent Force, Mr. Wiggles & Rakeem.
Art work or performance by San Two, T-Kid, Cem, EZG, Guy Jones, Kel, Vulcan, Rek, Bil Blast, Star, TPA, Tracy 168, LEE, Flite, Deal, Porn, Con, Depak, SMOCATVhame, Daze, Noc, Crash, Pase, Fome, Caz, Skeme, Case, Paris, Kilo, Prince, The VTB Dancers.

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nycisdead106 on 12ozProphet

It’s crazy how much the Upper West Side had to do with Hip Hop back then. The Lower East Side and the Upper West Side are where a lot of those handball court pieces were done. Like the IBM joints at the Rock Steady Park on 99th street and the Wild Style Mural at the old Soul Artists wall in Riverside Park. All of that is dead and gone now of course. This video is the missing link. All that corny shit gets washed down the drain when you see something like this. A lot of 5% nation nostalgia

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