Monster Sounds: Bitter End premieres new song

By - Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

“Hammer coming down with overwhelming force
we’re on a collision course”

As graffiti artists, or for those interested in writing on / lurking around stuff that isn’t necessarily ours – we are privy to a somewhat unique political stance, and if we’re following that good ole’ ‘man is a political animal’ logic then unfortunately for those of you who disdain at these discussions, it could be said that we are perhaps some of the most political individuals present.

That I shall say, is reason number 1 why you should listen to Bitter End – Texas’ favourite political hardcore band. Reason 2 being that their previous releases ‘Guilty As Charged’ and 2007’s acclaimed ‘Climate Of Fear’ delivered unforgettable instances of Biohazard sounding NYHC with poignantly acute lyrics around globalisation & war mongering back by the finest thrash laden metallic hardcore. 

Their new song, “Power and Control,” from their upcoming album Illusions of Dominance, doesn’t stray far in sound from these and is somewhat musically standard in terms of a Bitter End offering with a typical verse / bridge / verse structure. But what is overwhelmingly communicable is the undeniable power and presence this bands music holds. Machismo is lauded within heavy music and Bitter End harness a truly overwhelming atmosphere. Having a rhythm section which not only acts as a solid foundation for the vocal delivery & lyrics, but empowers them (and vice versa) is the mark of a great band, and it is a quality that Bitter End has in great amount. 

However unremarkable the song actually is, its memorable riffs and crushing end vocal bridge indicate that “Power and Control” is a solid comeback from an overall brilliant band. Here’s hoping Illusions of Dominance can live up to the hype it will certainly create. I’ll be brushing up on my Chomsky until it’s release. 

‘Illusions of Dominance’ is released June 30th on Deathwish Inc. 

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