Monster Sounds: Gallows premiere new song.

By - Friday, January 30th, 2015

British hardcore stalwarts Gallows premiered new single ‘Bonfire Season’ accompanied by a video last week, it’s taken from their upcoming album ‘Desolation Sounds’ which is to be released on their own label ‘Venn Records’ and ‘Play It Again Sam’.

The single takes a slower pace than that of the roaring hardcore punk they have built a career upon, focusing more on atmosphere and a darker style. Building slowly upon a bed of chimes and a riff post-punk in style the song meanders bleaky, Wade opening with the repeated line “time to shed my skin, the shrines we built we must transcend”  ’til momentary punctuations by a chorus more optimistic, and perhaps even poppy in its tone.

Founding member Laurent ‘Lags’ Barnard remarked of the change in tone that it is the record he’s “dreamt about making”, continuing that he’s “always been a fan of that slightly gothic, dark style of punk and felt it was the time for Gallows to explore that style of music. The verses still have that old school boot stomp feel but combined with atmospheric noises providing menacing undertones.”

It is an album that Laurent describes as “fearless”, as it comes from a band “comfortable with playing music together, rather than trying to fit into a certain scene or zeitgeist or any preconceived notion of what the band should be”.

The video was recorded by Canadian director and musician Josh Reichmann. 

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