Monster Sounds: Title Fight – Hyperview.

By - Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Title Fight are slow burners, their music progressing from a violent punk flame in the early years to settle in a consistent warm glow in the reverb laden, more indie sounding later catalogue. ‘Hyperview’ released February 3rd on Anti-Records and see’s the band further exploring this subtle yet all encompassing & ethereal atmosphere.

The danger with writing about a band with a strong, influential & overly diverse back catalogue is the mistaken tendency to judge each album by how much it sounds like its successful predecessor. Such as a would be the case with Kingston, Pennsylvania’s Title Fight, a band whom were at at one point the darlings of the hardcore scene, releasing album after album of catchy, hook laden post-hardcore / pop-punk which was rooted in a visceral energy but always teased at an idea of future progression. 

Hyperview represents no exception this rule, it is a sun soaked, shimmering album utterly complete in its transcendent sounding intentions. Despite indeed being a shock to the system to hear them markedly leave behind the turmoil and pace that helped to make them so infectious for an album distinctly shoegaze influenced, it cannot be denied that it was not expected and certainly cannot be ignored. It is an album akin to ambrosia, unforgivingly sweet & nostalgia inducing. 

Chlorine, the first single from the album lays down the audible principles that continue over the course of the record – the reverb and treble heavy sound enveloping the listener.   In its ambitions it almost sounds concept album-ish, with their lofty aesthetic helping to guide each song effortlessly into the next, this evident with second single – Rose Of Sharon whose vocals periodically hark back to angrier times and acts as a solid middle ground for the second half of the record, which ends suddenly with the almost Sub-Pop sounding New Vision. A song perfectly summarising the LP.

My only bone with Hyperview is that whilst it is indeed an immensely solid album, it is obscured by the perhaps over reliance on effects. The song structures are as always immensely strong, but you simply cannot escape their echoes. 
We must admire Title Fight for their insistence on exploring the spark of something seen years ago and continuing to periodically capture it with such elaborate beauty, but this album is definitely an example of where sometimes, less can be more. 

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