Video: Montreal Street Bombing – Made In Mooktreal

By - Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Mooklife is a blog dedicated to street life and culture in Canada. You won’t find any photos from painting jams, parties, or events, but you will find a team of young ‘mooks’ smashing the streets up north. Check out the video above featuring Nixon, Dock, Fomer and friends. “It’s the land where potholes are the size of swimming pools and jaywalking is the first thing a child learns when he’s able to use his legs. It’s the city where toots smoking is a sport done in any weather; from the coldest winter nights to the most humid summer afternoons. It’s the streets where you’ll hear 3 different languages spoken in the same sentence in a dialogue between two people of completely different backgrounds. It’s the aroma of marijuana smoke in the morning and the smell of stolen spray paint in the midst of the night. It’s the drunken smile and obnoxiously loud punchlines at loft parties and the shit-talking on the living room couch. It’s the the wild nights that make you swear you’ll never get drunk again, then wake up in the morning and start drinking again. It’s the home to some of the most vagabond human specimens to walk these pastures and the birthplace of the original chilleur. Welcome to Mooktreal City.” –Mooklife Text: Simply Cary Source: All City via Mook Life

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