Montreal tunnel spotlight: Rare gems!

By - Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

After several early to mid-20th century propositions, Montreal’s subway system came to life just in time for the Expo67 world exposition. However, there was one quality to it’s design the engineers, architects and specialist’s of all kinds failed to consider: it would become a wonderful way of getting your name from point A to point B! The ”Societé de Transport de Montreal” known as the STM, was now born, ready to roll and eventually, be crushed, killed, destroyed. The Montreal subways, also known as ”le métro”, have played host to a number of illicit entries and activities, activities that remain censored and hidden, for the most part, from the general public. Panels that don’t run and an overall tendency over the years to maintain a hardline attitude on platform graff, has deterred some but also, has encouraged many others to take it the system with paint and pressure. Several years ago, Montreal saw the installation of platform cameras and an increased police officer presence within the public transportation system, a reality that most north american cities had already become accustomed to but that Montreal writers knew nothing of. This new addition to the already existing surveillance force of leather gloved STM goons was put into place to add a sense of security for the common citizen and all things considered, making it harder for the average writer to get his thang on during and after operational hours. After years of blood, sweat, tears of joy and tears of pain, many classic photos have come to surface and here are some of those images, that have floated up from beneath the old streets of Montreal and we grace you with a few of those prized money shots to enjoy today: Source: MookLife

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