Moody's "Absolute Addict" Stolen From Woodward Gallery Project Space

By - Saturday, January 7th, 2012

About 6:10pm last Tuesday evening on Eldridge street in Manhattan, during a bitter cold spell when the streets were unusually empty, a lone man stole one of Moody’s four paintings hanging in the Woodward Gallery’s Project Space across the street from the Woodward Gallery. As he stumbled away with the heavy 68″ x 48″ wooden panel, which is a parody of an Absolut Vodka ad, the thief was caught in the act by a surveillance camera. This footage has been broadcast on NY1 television and also went viral thanks to the concern of the art blogger community. Moody is taking it all in stride, commenting to 12ozProphet that he is surprised that it didn’t happen sooner. Highly respected on the streets for his precise craftsmanship and crisp painting style, he usually creates wooden signs shaped like the letter “M” but morphed into the form of a goofy cartoon character with its tongue sticking out. He said that if he didn’t use an extension ladder and install those pieces at least 15 feet above street level, they would be stolen by collectors and fans as fast as he could put them out. Sadly, there were only three more days before the paintings would have been taken down to make room for the next installation. In a positive light, this theft could be taken as a compliment. On the other hand, it is a very serious crime falling into the category of grand larceny, which would land the criminal in jail for a minimum of 2-3 years. The gallery is offering a reward for any information that leads to the return of the painting. Please call 212-966-3422 or send an email to The Woodwards said that in the five years that they’ve been installing work in the Project Space, this has never happened before. Luckily, they never removed the wheat-pasted paintings from the very first Project Space exhibition, which featured collaborative work by Darkclouds and Matt Siren. So fans at least got a glimpse of a bit of art history before the new art was installed. The new installation is by KA and was put up to coincide with the opening of a group show inside the gallery, comprised of graffiti writers and street artists. This exhibition was curated by Royce Bannon and is called Rather Unique, opening saturday January 7th. Moody has a lot of paintings in the show, so keep your eyes peeled for that thief trying to get an autograph!

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