The Most Valuable, Non-Institutional Art Collection in the City of SF Belongs to…

By - Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Sure, many airports aim to be aesthetically pleasing. Think of the jetblue terminal at New York’s JFK, with it’s sleek and modern remodeling, or Chicago O’Hare’s concourse tunnel that is covered in colorful lights. But at the end of the day, people come to airports to travel, not to look at the décor. As part of the remodel of SFO’s Terminal 2, however, art was an integral part of the new space. San Francisco’s Art Enrichment Ordinance, which was passed in 1969, demands that “2% of the total eligible construction costs of civic building projects be allocated for public art.” And so, $2.5 million dollars went towards three major art installations that are now present at SFO. The San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) teamed up with the Airport Design Team and SFO Museum to make it all happen. In an effort to utilize the building’s floor-to-ceiling windows and large light fixtures, the works are translucent and atmospheric. They play with light and color in a way that is both grand and playful. Artists Kendall Buster, Janet Echelman and Norie Sato were commissioned to do the terminal’s main pieces, while local artist and musical instrument builder Walter Kitundu created a piece for the children’s play area that is both a mural and an interactive instrument. Check out photos of the works above, and be sure to scope out the scene next time you’re flying out of SFO! For more information on the pieces and their locations in the terminal, click here. Text: Nicola Parisi Source: SFO “The Art of Terminal 2”

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