Entertainment: Elysium – A Graffiti Filled Future

By - Friday, August 16th, 2013

Apparently the human race will completely go to shit in the next 140 years. With current trends of wealth consolidation continuing, Earth will be abandoned by the wealthy, leaving only those that have nothing and shit ton of Graffiti. This is the bizarre dystopian world set in Elysium. Everywhere you look in this film there’s graffiti. In the streets, in the hospital, at work and in homes, everything is crushed. Since Elysium is still in theaters I was only able to grab some screen shots from the trailers, but hopefully you get the point. Writers have even begun to go after cars and spacecraft, which reminded me of this gem from Bore HOD. While the tags, throw ups and pieces littering the background of every shot were a fun sort of cinematic Where’s Waldo game, it simultaneously represented the shortcomings of the film. Again and again Elysium falls back on familiar and simplified Hollywood archetypes to move the story along, from the estranged lover to the sacrificial hero it is all there, just like every other summer blockbuster. In this case the overwhelming presence of graffiti was a lazy attempt to convey the gross amount of crime and moral collapse that has ravaged the city of LA. Either way this is an LA I would welcome the chance to paint, as it seems anything goes, as long as Robocop doesn’t bust your ass.

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