Mr. Prvrt paints Soho House Chicago

By - Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Spending time with Mr. Prvrt and watching his painting styles reminds us why we enjoy the street art energy and being part of the scene. His painting is effortless and the outcome is straightforward. It is evident that Mr. Prvrt genuinely loves his art. After having spent some time with him, it became increasingly clear that he takes pride in all of his work.

For April’s installment on the Soho House Chicago, in the West Loop neighborhood, Mr. Prvrt painted two animals: a Red Fox and a Canadian Goose. We had time to chat and ask Mr. Prvrt a few questions about his art and work.

How does technology influence or does technology influence your decisions about your current works and how you paint them?

The Internet itself has had a huge influence on this community of artists. Seeing the work of other artists around the world and being able to connect with them has built a worldwide family. Chris from Robots Will Kill and I connected through the web when we first got started about 14 years ago. I consider him a friend, but somehow in all of my trips to Brooklyn, we have managed to never meet in person. 

How much does personality determine the success of an artist?

Assholes who are really good at painting may only go so far, because people can’t stand to work with them.  There are also artists who may not be that amazingly talented, but will find themselves going further because they are genuinely awesome people. 

Have you ever painted with your mentor, who is it? Can you tell us more about that experience?

I’m happy to say that I get to paint with my mentor quite often. Sarah C. Rutherford (@msshaftway) is an incredibly talented artist that I work closely with in my home base of Rochester, NY.  We are constantly collaborating, and we learn so much from each other in both life and art. 

Does your mom know what you do?

She always reminded me to not waste my phone call on her if I got arrested! 

Why do you think that most graffiti artists/ street artists listen to hip-hop music?

I think this goes back to the roots of the culture. Graffiti is one of the four elements of hip hop. These things have always gone hand in hand. I can’t say I’ve ever rolled up to a wall and heard some cats listening to country music, that’s for sure. 

Photos and interview by drewinchicago

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