Music Monday: 12 Questions With The Doppelgangaz

By - Monday, July 6th, 2015


The Doppelgangaz kicked off their summer on a generous note with the release of their latest EP Parts Unknown, available via free download. Weighing in at 8 tracks, the self-produced EP balances the short and the sweet with some longer anthems tossed in. 

The Doppelgangaz are of a rare breed in the underground hip hop world. The duo, comprised of Matter Ov Fact and EP, work together both production-wise and lyrically, creating a sound entirely of their own curation. Known for wearing cloaks while performing, it is clear (and appreciated) that the pair thinks both visually and sonically, and is sharing their own little world and artistry with audiences near and far.

Their music matches their mystery, and the energy around their elusive nature, paired with their individual strong personalities, is seductive. It’s easy to fall into a Doppelgangaz blackhole on YouTube and see the progressive path the two have gone down over the years. Parts Unknown is the follow-up to last year’s Peace Kehd, their fourth studio album, and features just one guest, Jim Jones, on the track “Jail Weight.”

The New York-based duo celebrate weirdness and wit with this EP and is a great introduction to the group for first time listeners. Dive into their latest project, and to quote the talented gentlemen themselves, “Spread it like wildfire.”

  1. Introduce yourself – your name, where you’re from & where you’re at now. 

EP: Hey yawl. We are The Doppelgangaz. We’re from Parts Unknown and we’re currently at Parts Unknown, like, right meow.

  1. How did you get started both individually and as a team?

MOF: We started as a team making songs at the age of 11 on cassette tapes. My momma would be sickened if she heard what we were rapping about back then.

  1. As a duo, do you balance production and lyrics? How does your partnership work?

EP: There really is no balance. It’s always a fight and a power struggle. Majority of the time it’s me and MOF saying “No, I do it. No, I do it.” Then it gets physical and we wrestle around for a bit. The undertones of the situation start to get a bit homoerotic.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your creative processes. What does your favorite environment to begin writing new lyrics or working on a new track look like?

MOF: I like to be out and about with my gangaz. Locking myself in the lab all day doesn’t work for the kehd. Either that or I’ll just sleep and make E write my shit for me, n bombs and all.

  1. When does a new song feel finished to you?

EP: It’s finished when we say so gosh-dang-it. Nah, it’s kind of like a feeling we get. We know when it needs something. If there’s no feeling of something missing, most likely it’s done mami.

  1. What helps inspire your music? 

MOF: Day to day life kehd. Always some rando shit going down in the life of a Ganga and it’s been like that since we were young bucks.

  1. What advice has really stuck with you and what was the source?

EP: It’s hard to choose a person in particular, but numerous encounters with other artists or entrepreneurs have lead to little gems that have stuck with us. Whether it be from putting out positive energies or remaining persistent even when you feel like giving up. We always come across somebody dropping knowledge. I’ll never forget our boy Digga said “you gotta keep knocking at that door. If you keep knocking, they’re eventually going to have to let you in”. That was inspiring, mamita.

  1. Fill us in about your latest project.

MOF: Our latest project is a lovely little critter entitled, Parts Unknown. She’s a beaut I tell ya and she contains recipes that only some gangaz could cook up. Best of all, she’s free! So go and download that, mamita. 

  1. What’s up next? Tour?

MOF: First and foremost we have an album called Beats For Brothels volume 3 coming out later in the year so look out for that mami. In the upcoming months, expect some videos to drop, some panties to drop and some breasts to flop. Let’s see, we’re gonna be performing in Romania at the Airfield festival on August 2nd and sheeiit you never know maybe some more dates will follow. Right now we’re in full blown album mode but we plan on hitting the road hard body John Gotti mami, best believe.

  1. What are you listening to right now?

EP: Holy shet, there is so much good music out right now. My rotation at the moment is Dom Kennedy, Miguel, Tori Kelly and Snoop Dogg. All of their latest releases. Can’t get enough. 

  1. Who are your top 5 artists, either visually or musically these days?

MOF: Damn I have a hard time making lists. 

  1. If you can pick any artist or photographer to put together your album art, who would it be and why? 

EP: Definitely Alexander Richter who we’ve known for years and done some cool press shots with, but never shot album art with until this year for Parts Unknown and our next release Beats For Brothels, Vol. 3. The dude is super accomplished and highly sought after. We’re honored to not only work with him, but call him a friend.  We’re really enamored by his work. He just knows how to take a beautiful picture. 

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