Music Monday – Alias: Pitch Black Prism [Anticon]

By - Monday, July 21st, 2014

Alias takes technology for a test drive with his latest release Pitch Black Prism. After years of success on his MPC, the Anticon co-founder continues to distance himself from his early years of sampling by utilizing live instruments within a software based environment for his ninth studio album.

“It’s the first album that I’ve ever done using all software. I used a Native Instruments Machine instead of MPC because I was bored and wanted to switch it up and keep it interesting. At first, I felt like I had fucked up because I didn’t know what I was doing and had to learn an entirely new process—but that was what made it fun.”Alias

Vocals are sparse but Pitch Black Prism brings a welcomed reunion with DoseOne for Crimson Across and Therese Workman vocals are re-worked in Indiiggo, keeping Pitch Black Prism from being an instrumental affair. Despite a summer release date, Pitch Black Prism conveys the subtleties found with the isolation and solace of winter. A sonically pleasing release perfect for the headphones as the Summer months wane back into the cold grasp of the New Year.

Overall, Pitch Black Prism is a solid foundation for Alias’ latest production methods. Regardless of whether or not he puts the MPC into retirement, expanding the tool set of such an accomplished talent can only result in good things.

Pitch Black Prism is available on vinyl, CD and MP3 via the Anticon Webshop.

Alias Studio Album Discography:

    The Taste of Rain… Why Kneel? (Anticon, 1999) (with Doseone, Slug & Sole, as Deep Puddle Dynamics)

    Paint by Number Songs (Mush, 2001) (with Sole & DJ Mayonnaise, as So-Called Artists)

    The Other Side of the Looking Glass (Anticon, 2002)

    Muted (Anticon, 2003)

    Lillian (Anticon, 2005) (with Ehren)

    Brookland/Oaklyn (Anticon, 2006) (with Tarsier)

    Resurgam (Anticon, 2008)

    Fever Dream (Anticon, 2011)

    Pitch Black Prism (Anticon, 2014)

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