Music Monday: J-Live – His Own Self

By - Monday, April 27th, 2015

After just one listen to the latest release from the now Atlanta-based emcee, dee jay and producer, J-Live, it is a clear celebration that the album truly is a reflection of His Own Self.

With a music career and discography spanning over 20 years, J-Live has worked to achieve and earn both the titles of influencer and veteran to the world of underground hip hop, innovating all the while.

J-Live has a general coolness about him – in his vocals, in his production and in the overall polish in his music. While it is a mix of both hard work and talent, not many have the chops that J-Live has. The album as a separate collection, apart from J-Live’s already expansive discography, is a great, smooth listen from front to back, and features all production by the emcee/deejay himself. A true jack-of-trades, when J-Live speaks, it’s hard not to listen.

With self-reflective lyrics like “I might go broke but I won’t go poor,” on “Old Sh*t” and “you keep telling me how I should live my life but those are your opinions, I do not give a f*ck” on “I Just Don’t” J-Live isn’t listening to what people may or may not be saying about him or his music – he is simply living, creating and enjoying the life and music he creates.

He is coming from a place of respect when he raps about how he is “doing him” – and doesn’t seem to care what other rappers may be doing. “His Own Self” is full of wisdom, relative to the artist’s maturity and experiences.

J-Live’s His Own Self is full of potential and liberating moments. It is evident to listeners that this album demonstrates the artists’ enjoyment in creating it. And what’s the point of listening to music the artist himself isn’t 100% backing?

You can catch J-Live on the road this month and next, and check his site for a full list of tour dates, and grab a copy of His Own Self via Mortier Music

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