Music Monday: Meow The Jewels Is A Real Thing!

By - Monday, September 28th, 2015

After much anticipation and plenty of doubt, it turns out that all your feline hip-hop dreams are finally coming true. Run The Jewels, the aggressive hip-hop duo that released one of the best albums of the year last November, has remixed that entire project to consist of nothing but cat sounds. Yes, that’s right, El-P and Killer Mike have replaced all the beats with meows and roars your favorite cats in the game. Download the project here.

What began as a joke on their pre-order release was quickly picked up by avid fans as a legitimate project. After a wildly successful fan-borne Kickstarter campaign that surpassed the stated goal my $15,000, the duo decided to appease their fans and recreate their album. If anything it’s an achievement that speaks to the ability of fans to influence their favorite artists through new means of communication.

Listening to the remixed album, I have to say the meows are less present than expected. The album was remade by a number of producers who stepped up to volunteer their efforts. The remixes showcase the ability of these DJs with a steady feline motif carried through out. I must say, it makes the project much more listenable than what I was expecting. It’s like a mushroom trip in a crazy cat lady’s house. Y’all can thank me now for that music video concept. You know where to find me for credits.

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