Mixtape: Slaughterhouse "On The House"

By - Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

After a number of delays the hip hop super group Slaughterhouse released their mixtape “On The House” yesterday through Dat Piff. “On The House” is the groups first mixtape, and the supposed precursor to their second studio album “Welcome to: Our House,” due out at the end of August. From the beginning of “On The House” it’s clear Slaughterhouse is back with a chip on their shoulder and an intent to revive the grittier side of hip hop. The opening track “Back the Fuck Up,” expresses their frustration with the softness of today’s hip hop culture when, “a wack rappers path to success, [is] smooth as Aloe Vera,” with no need to pay dues. The 12 tracks that follow reinforce the idea that Slaughterhouse has been in the game, and will remain there until someone has the nerve to say otherwise. The Final Track “Truth or Truth Part 1” is perhaps the best example that rap can be both lyrically on point and street oriented at the same time. At a time in rap where the streets are synonymous with trap music, Slaughterhouse reminds us that doesn’t have to be the case. Each member takes turns opening up just enough to appear human, without letting you forget they will not hesitate to come at you. Phony emcees beware the album drops August 28th.

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