MWM for 2012 Olympics Campaign

By - Friday, June 1st, 2012

Artist and Designer Matt W. Moore, aka MWM, (who recently had a 2-person exhibition with Jurne,) just announced a huge project he did with Attic UK designing Coca Cola’s visual identity for the London 2012 Olympics. Scroll down to check out the designs along with his commentary… I had the honor of collaborating with ATTIK UK on the COCA COLA branding for the London 2012 Olympics. My role was to create a robust graphic asset library that the good folks at Attik then refined into a visual identity system. This VIS was then passed along to agencies around the world to work with for their regional campaigns. Massive. Global. Surreal. Everywhere. And more and more new stuff every day! Check Google Images to see the campaign take shape… Working on this project was a dream come true. The Olympics. One of the most iconic brands in the World. And on the creative side, my favorite type of graphic design. Vectorfunk AND Typography. The first phase of art was to create this hyper detailed, abstract rendition of COCA COLA LONDON 2012. From this master file we extracted dozens of “moments” that became the graphic asset library. ZOOM. Many of the final executions are beautifully simple and jump right off the shelf. The magic of Vector Graphic Design is the infinite scalability. Zooming in 1000% is fun. Mark Ronson and Katy B lamping with the Go-Getters in uniform. Mid flip BMX treatment. This stuff is so much fun to work on. Big kid Tetris. On the simpler side of things. Just a splash of color goes a long way. BIG Thanks to James Sommerville, Attik UK, and Coca Cola. Truly a highlight of my design career : )

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