MYGALO x The Grifters: “Taxes 2015”

By - Sunday, December 28th, 2014

The French artist MYGALO (well known for his use of skull and bones characters and his macabre sense of humor) has teamed up with the French graffiti lifestyle and clothing brand The Grifters to present their collaboration for the Christmas season.

The announcement features a gif of a hand wearing a gold ring engraved with the lily flower (a symbol of the French Monarchy), being severed by a box cutter.  In between images of the hand are text written in French which loosely translates to “The stately tax is a set of taxes levied by a lord on the inhabitants of his domain. The peasant must give goods and services to the lord. The peasant must pay every month”. The gif hearkens back to the time leading up to the french revolution, which was fueled (among other things) by heavy taxes on the middle class and peasants. They had to pay money to the church, state and property taxes , and a family tax (based on the amount of people in your family). In addition to all of this, they then had to pay rent, for usage of mills or other facilities, and were obligated to give money or labor to their lord.

Currently, a midst record high unemployment, the french government plans to give tax breaks to businesses in hopes of more job creation while cutting back on public spending. It all ties into MYGALO’s inspiration for the collaboration which was a push against taxation from the French government, drawing on the similar problems of the past with the present.

The collaboration consists two shirts and it will drop on the Grifters’ online store on Monday (the 29th) at 10:00 GMT (5 am EST). To see more of MYGALO’s work, check out The Radiant Skull.

Gif and image: The Grifters    

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