Monster Sounds: Nails streaming two new songs.

By - Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Famed California hardcore/metal band Nails are currently streaming two new tracks via Decibel Magazine that are due to be released on Flexi Disc with the February 2015 edition. The tracks are titled ‘Among The Arches Of Intolerance’ and ‘In Pain’ (can’t say they’re not to the point, right?).


Nails 2013 release ‘Abandon All Life’ was an impenetrable yet incredibly listenable album driven by brutal riffs and exciting song structures (see ‘Gods Cold Hands’, ‘Wide Open Wound’), and it fully put Nails on the list of bands to watch. These two new songs have a more straight death metal edge than their previous hardcore tinged releases but are equally as fast, catchy and downright disgustingly heavy, as we’ve come to expect with their staple chainsaw guitars, relentless blastbeats and some of the angriest vocal chords in all of extreme music. I managed to catch Nails live during that period, and it’s safe to say it was one of the most intense performances i’ve ever seen. They were also one of the most genuinely humble acts i’ve witnessed, with the frontman endlessly thanking the sold out venue for turning out to watch. It was a real pleasure to see awe & gratitude in the eyes of the band in a scene whose machismo can often overtake the music it should support, especially when the music is end-of-the-world type music, as Nails’ very much is. But, this honesty is an integral thing to the band, via Revolver Magazine:
What makes something genuine is basically if you as a person can connect to whatever you’re doing or making. If you don’t feel some sort of emotional attachment to it, why are other people going to feel an emotional attachment to it?”
So, if you’re a fan of honest, heavy music, anger, or just enjoy the thought of civilization burning in front of you, Nails music would, and should, be to your taste.  

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Comment #1

Fist 666 - January 7, 2015

Awesome. This band kills it.

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