New KOLOUR Spray Paint: Developed for the Cost-Conscious Consumer from the Team Behind Ironlak

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Kolour spray paint by Ironlak, is described as “a quick dry, gloss acrylic paint developed for the cost-concious customer.” So far, there are 16 colors available on 33third that go for $4.29 a can, promising “great coverage and no drip.”

Despite being available in Austrailia for three years already, the product has yet to be reviewed by writers. So if anyone gets their hands on a can of this, be sure to share your thoughts with the rest of us!

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lymit - Monday January 14, 2013 at 09:45 AM...

lymit on 12ozProphet

where is this available at?

ashflipp - Monday January 14, 2013 at 10:01 AM...

ashflipp on 12ozProphet

33third has them available online. They are $4.29 but have a promo going now for $1 off a can if you use promo code KOLOUR at checkout.

ariefairy on 12ozProphet

Kolour’s old fromula was the shittest spray paint i have ever used it left runs and pigmentation on whatever you sprayed it on, but the new formula is ten times better i have personally started buying this shit more than ironlak simply because of the price the paint quality is basically the same its just the dont have as much rad colours and shit but yeh this new kolour formula is dope!

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