New Music Mondays: Hail Mary Mallon’s “Bestiary” Album Stream

By - Monday, January 12th, 2015

Hail Mary Mallon is a Hip-Hop side project consisting of lyricists Aesop Rock and Rob SonicBestiary, the second album from the pair, was released in November, and quickly jumped to the top of my list for best albums of 2014. If you’re an Aesop Rock fan you’re sure to get the same unique, clever, dare I say genius, lyrical style that we know him for, while adding Rob Sonic to the mix makes everything they’re spitting seem effortlessly cool.

“He’s an immediate threat, speaking nefarious tongues Reeking of variant faith, drinking that heresy punch I play defender at the center for the never enough You called it losing my way, I called it leveling up”

The album art (created by CORO) grabs your attention from the beginning, and caused me to believe that some dark, twisted, heavy storytelling was about to go down in my ears. That, however, was not the case. Instead the lyrically gifted duo gave us a dope playlist of witty lyrics, unforgettable beats, and DJ Big Wig’s calculated scratches that pushed the entire production to the next level.

I’m still digesting how amazing this album is and how they can throw together such contrasting songs, from the gritty first single “Kiln” to the hilarious and satirical “Whale”, and still manage to make it all work. All in all, Bestiary is a fun head bopping album, that will have you replaying each track while scrolling through the lyrics to try and comprehend the intricate word play that Aesop and Rob are so comfortable spewing out. Bestiary is a flawless album from beginning to end, showcasing what a beast these two rappers truly are, and is without a doubt a worthy purchase

Take a listen to the full album above and then let us know how long it takes you to get the chanting of “Money” out of your head.


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