New Oakland 2011 Estria Battle Festival Video

By - Friday, June 22nd, 2012

A new video has been released documenting the 5th annual Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle that took place in Oakland, California. The festival was a four day event and featured a film festival, a Pucha Kucha Slideshow and lecture highlighting all women public art, a gallery opening at SMSHBX Gallery, and the National Estria Graffiti Battle finals in Fremery Park. The battle was judged by Rime MSK, Vogue TDK, and Apex BA. Many artists took place including Vyal One, 2010 defending champ, Katch, Ckaweeks, Woier, Camer, Bieste, Bounce, Satyr, Pride, Level, Meres, Doves, Cyfi, Hops, Swype, Amend, Romali, Crete85, Kyros and Wesk. The event was put on by the Estria Foundation, whose mission is to “shift the social consciousness on critical human and environmental issues through education, art projects and community events around the globe”. Enjoy. Source: MTN World

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