New York Gets Inked on Friday the 13th

By - Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Got a hankering for cheap, irreversible life decisions that doesn’t require buying diapers and Dora the Explorer on DVD? Why not get some fresh ink. Every Friday the 13th, tattoo shops nation-wide run a special where customers can select a tattoo from a pre-determined list and get that bad boy inked on for $13. The 13th of last month was indeed a Friday, and New York City’s tattoo shops did nothing short of gratifying our eye-holes by busting out the finest designs that $13 can buy. The images above are a collection of the last tattoo-a-thon now healed and as fresh as it gets. What’s the history the history behind something like this? We’re not really sure. The internet hosts a variety of inspiring stories of gang-related number 13 tattoos—if you’re interested, check out this dramatic documentary about the Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS13) gang. Outside of the roughest block in LA and for the majority of tattoo culture, the number 13 seems to symbolize something more iconic of tattoos. The number has been known as bad luck for quite some time (even going back as far as Jesus’ life and even to Mayan culture—I kid you not), and tattoos have a long history of being reserved for society’s fringe: criminals, gangsters, sailors, etc. Tattoos and the number 13 share an alienation that makes them the perfect combination. All read up and ready to get your own? Thanks to the magnificent power of leap years, not only was there a Friday the 13th last month, but there is another Friday the 13th in April. Here’s a list of the shops who did the tattoos above–be sure to stop by and say hi to your favorite shop tomorrow: Gristle — 178 North 8th Street, Williamsburg. Hand of Glory — 429 7th Avenue, Park Slope. Tattoo Seen — 3177 East Tremont Avenue, the Bronx. Asylum — 143 North 4th Street, Williamsburg, and 3116 East Tremont Avenue, the Bronx. Text: Caylee

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