News: Akomplice Clothing "The Nudist" Collection

By - Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Akomplice Clothing has just released a hilarious new summer collection titled “The Nudist.” Taking the fond childhood memories of Where’s Waldo and perverting them slightly, Akomplice’s line The Nudist Collection takes place somewhere that Waldo never dared explore: the nude beach. The same rules of Where’s Waldo apply to “The Nudist” line, as Waldo is present in each representation of the beach. However, it becomes really difficult to find Waldo when he’s totally naked and lacking his traditional red and white hat and striped shirt. Akomplice has featured their Nudist print on several different items, including: tank tops, pocket tees, a skate deck, and, of course, a beach towel. When Waldo and company shed their clothes, anything can happen—some nasty sunburns, among other things. Once again, Akomplice has pushed the boundaries of creativity farther than anyone—even Waldo—has dared before. This exclusive collection of clothing will be available at retailers including Conveyor Fred Segal and Rime NYC soon, and the full line will be available for purchase on Akomplice’s webstore this Saturday July 20th at 2pm EST.

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