NEWS: Community Board 2 Votes on future of 5Pointz

By - Monday, June 10th, 2013

Score a small and symbolic victory for MeresOne & 5Pointz. The mecca of all things graffiti situated in Long Island City, Queens found a friend in Community Board 2 this week. However, the plans to raze the old water meter factory are still actively working through the city bureaucracy. The Community Board voted down the owner’s request for special variance that would have allowed luxury condos with more units than normal, however the vote did not hinder the ability of the owners to tare down the historic canvas. Community Board 2 is purely advisory and while they urged G & M Realty to expand the proposed artist space and add affordable housing to the project, something completely avoided in the current plan, owner David Wolkoff simply stated he would consider it. Given Mr. Wolkoff’s previous statements, the Save5Pointz movement must continue to grow and stay informed regarding the hearings yet to come. “The neighborhood is in a transition right now,” said David Wolkoff, who owns the building with his father Jerry Wolkoff. “We believe this project will be an economic boom to the area because of the residents that it will bring.” With a plan void of public housing and limited space for the artists who made the property he owns renown across the world, Wolkoff’s vision for the future of 5Pointz seems to benefit the wealthy on the backs of those in transition. The project moves on to Helen Marshall, the Borough President of Queens, before working its way to The City Planning Commission. All support should really be focused on the Planning Commission because it has the authority to nix the application. If the Commission fails to kill the project, the final step is a vote by the City Council. Text & Photos: Bomb_Hanks Source: NY Daily News

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