News: Group of Men Charge People to Look at Bansky Stencil

By - Thursday, October 10th, 2013

The British man of mystery Bansky is putting on a show in the streets of New York during the month of October, and people are doing anything they can to get a piece of the action. We are all accustomed to the fact that now-a-days people don’t respect street art, taking it down and selling it to make a few bucks, but this is putting a brand new spin on making money off someone else’s work. first reported the mayhem surrounding the piece, which started this morning when a man claiming to be a Banksy fan came up and said he was ready to chop the piece out of the wall. After that the Instagram account streetartjamz posted pictures of a group of men in East New York, Brooklyn, where the stencil popped up, who decided they were going to charge people $5 a head to get a glimpse, or a picture, of this new installment. Are these guys exploiting street art? Are they geniuses? Was Banksy around filming the entire thing? What does he think about all of this? I’m not really but it’s up to all of you to decide. To see more good pictures and video from the scene check out these two Instagram accounts: streetartjamz capnyc Story: Gawker & AnimalNewYork Photos: streetartjamz & capnyc

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