News: KAWS Chosen to Redesign the MTV Moonman for the VMAs

By - Thursday, July 11th, 2013

KAWS, the now internationally known writer-turned-street-artists-turned–toy-designer, was recently chosen by MTV to redesign the iconic Moonman statue in commemoration of the VMAs 30th anniversary. The Brooklyn based artist made the statue his own by infusing the classic design with his own Companion character, allowing the award to be both original and recognizable as the MTV Moonman. It is reminiscent of KAWS’ street art when he would alter advertisements to include is own images. The new trophy is sure to be a hit amongst the collectors of his work that include Pharrell and Kanye West, for whom he also designed the cover of 808s and Heart Breaks. What ever your thoughts may be on the supposed “Music” Television channel, its nice to see them reaching out. According to MTV executives, KAWS was chosen to represent Brooklyn as the show will be the first live broadcast from the borough when the event goes down at the Barclays Center on August 25th. Many will note that KAWS isn’t actually a Brooklyn native, but he has made BK his home for a number of years, so the choice is at least noble in principle, though there are sure to be other opinions on who could have been chosen. Whether it is simply an attempt to stay relevant, or a genuine effort to promote contemporary artists, its great to see one of our peers reach such an elevated stage.

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