Sketch of the Day: Nosego

By - Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Nosego the artistic incarnation of Yis Godwin is a painter, designer and exemplary muralist emanating out of Philadelphia, PA. I have become intrigued by Nosego for his ability to take the precision and technique of fine art and apply it within the current notions of street art resulting in playful creatures that are disjointed yet retain a charismatic element to them. Themes of nature are prevelant throughout his work where you are just as likely to find a polar bear floating through the underbelly of an armless biped on the move as you are a one-armed flannel wearing entity losing its head as this sketch seems to capture. {image-1} Having recently worked with 1xRun on a very small edition print, his work is very accessible online and featured at some of the worlds prominent locations including California’s Thinkspace Gallery, the UK’s Unit 44 and of course Gallery 309 in the city of brotherly love. You can check out more of his work here. If you are new to the artist, you can find some previous video coverage here, his mural with Mad Decent in Philly and his free Iphone/Ipad game based on a character created by Nosego called Catball. Photo: Nosego Text: Bomb_Hanks

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