News: The "Man" Does Watch Us…

By - Friday, June 7th, 2013

The National Security Agency has been obtaining access to Google, Facebook, Apple and many other companies according to the Guardian. PRISM, the program that allows this, lets the NSA search internet history, emails, p2p file transfers, and web chats. This data is collected directly from the servers and requires little interaction with the companies from which data is being pried from. Google has claimed to have control over who can access private user data. Apple has similarly said to have never heard of the PRISM program. President Bush introduced the changes to US surveillance laws and Obama has renewed those laws in December 2012, which allows PRISM. These laws specifically allow the customers who are outside of the US or that contact people overseas to be under surveillance without a warrant. This information has been disclosed after news of the NSA collecting millions of US telephone records from Verizon reached popular media outlets. The image above depicts a slide from the powerpoint that was seized and displays the depth the NSA’s surveillance. With the NSA having military funding, knowing that they are watching the civilians with such a large piggy bank behind them can be quite frightening. The expansive nature of this project and the enormous amounts of data that can be collected about each one of us without our knowledge or permission is nearly unfathomable. Source: thegaurdian

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