News: Hate Graffiti? There's An App For That

By - Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

{image-1} As anyone can tell you, technology continues to have a huge influence in the world of graffiti today; whether it be advanced camera surveillance or multi-pressure spray cans, our modern devices play a key role in both helping and hindering those who create graffiti. A recently developed smart-phone application now enables average citizens to do just that: fight graffiti in their neighborhoods. The idea behind this free program is to allow pedestrians to photograph graffiti using any smart-phone, which the app then automatically redirects to local law enforcement agencies, who claim the documented graffiti will then be removed within 48 hours. “It’s so easy for people to report graffiti. Most everybody has a smartphone with a camera these days,” said Tony Martinez of the Bakersfield Police Department. This new alternative for providing information to the police is particularly exciting for vigilantes and heroes everywhere, as it allows them to be perfectly anonymous (as opposed to reporting a crime in progress), thus removing any fear of retaliation. More than a subtle blow to graffiti writers, snitches can now bust taggers in between checking stock options and reviewing sports stats on their iphone. Text: SteveVielbig Photo: MakingDealsZine/Flickr/Group

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