News: New York City Subway Cell Service Will Change the City Forever

By - Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

{image-1} Starting today, four NYC subway stations will get fully working cell phone service. It will be a huge relief to most New Yorkers who have been annoyed for years by not being able to use their phones while underground. The pilot program will introduce cellphone reception to the 23rd St and 8th Ave station and 14th St and 8th, 7th, and 6th Ave stations. This will obviously make communication easier, productivity will most likely boost, and New York will continue to be a much safer city. But, many people are concerned that there will suddenly be a ton of straphangers on the train yelling through their phones. If you’re really worried about this annoyance, consider that the elevated trains have had service for a long time, and you’ll probably realize that in reality it isn’t that big of a problem. The biggest problem to me is that now there is no excuse for not picking up a call! Mom is calling to annoy you? You went over so and so’s tag and they’re looking for you? There’s some girl you wanna ditch? No more “Ohh, yeah I never got your call last night. I would have loved to hang out! I must have been in the subway, yeah, New York sucks…” Now, as they roll this thing out station by station, as I’m FORCED to answer every one of your texts, New York City as I know will change forever. Text: Kel Photo: Daniel Barry for The New York Times

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