Nike MAG

By - Saturday, September 8th, 2012

When Marty Mcfly rocked a pair of never seen Nikes on Back to the Future, the sneaker culture pined for a chance to own a pair. After 20 years of anticipation, a lucky few received a yellow oversized box with no barcode, style number, or MSRP visible. Inside of the box, were the Nike MAG. MAG stands for Magnetic Anti Gravity, which suffices for the amount of attention drawn to the “most popular shoes in history”. Those who own a pair are almost considered an elite society. One year ago today, Nike officially unveiled this one of a kind shoe, and the hype around them spiked to astronomical levels. Sneakerheads everywhere clamored for a way to get their hands on a pair, and celebrities became the source of envy as they showed their pair off via social networks as rumors of exorbitant payments being made for a pair made the rounds. The best thing about the shoe is there was an auction held surrounding them that raised money for Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in honor of Marty McFly himself. Check the video below for the story behind the Nike MAG. The Back to the Future inspired shoes illuminated in dark, and had a much higher build than the average shoe. The shoe still turns heads and drops jaws like none before or after. Anyone who owns a pair has undoubtedly answered “how did you get those?” more than a fair amount of times. With only 1,510 pair made, do you own a pair? Do you know anybody who does?

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