No Longer Empty Presents: A Timeline of Hand Styles – Signatures from the 1960s to Present Day.

By - Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Opening this Sunday, June 28th  from 1-6 pm ,  “a Timeline of  Hand Styles: Signatures from the 1960s to present day” will be celebrated as phase 1 of a new public art project presented by No Longer Empty. It is part of their current public programs, along with the exhibition “When you cut into the present the future leaks out” curated by Regina Basha, which is on view until July 19th at the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse (located at 878 Brook Avenue). No Longer Empty is a contemporary arts organization that specializes in creating huge community-responsive and educational exhibitions in underutilized properties, like the Old Bronx Courthouse, which had been closed for 38 years.

This signature project curated by Lady K Fever  is inspired by the exhibition artists, artworks,  and the legacy of the Courthouse and South Bronx neighborhood,  the birth place of hip hop. The book  The Faith of Graffiti was also a major inspiration. Known as the first book to view the birth of graffiti as an art form, it is considered a bible of sorts for graffiti writers and enthusiasts worldwide. This wall cuts into the present day graffiti movement in New York city, with a focus on Uptown and Bronx writers.  Over 80 artists from every generation and decade are included in the timeline.  This mural captures the energy, style, form, and essence of the artists’ signatures through a timeline tracing the history of Graffiti.  This is a historic moment for New York City graffiti, it’s a way to celebrate and educate about the importance of graffiti history and the hand style, as well as a chance to chip away at the negative stigma surrounding graffiti.

Featured artists:

CHECKER, MICO, COMET, CHARMIN, SNAKE 1, ROCKY 184, KIT 17, Mark 198,  ALSKI, SLAVE, CLYDE, JESTER, DUN ONE, SJK  171, MIKE 171, CRANE, REE , KEON, CRASH, LEE, PLOT 162, BOM 5, NOC 167, FRITOS, SLAVE, BOT 707, NIC 707, OOPS,  EASY, JOZ, PART 1, COPE 2 , SHO, SHARE 37, SWAN 3 , Terrible TKID, BIO, BG 183, SEN 1, TRIKE, STYX, CES, KEY, SEEN One, BRAER, CENER, CHRIS 217, VASE, KING BEE, VEDO, ERAK, ROZ, BIDS, BILLI THE KID, BANE, RAIB, LADYKFEVER, CHRIS RIGGS, NB40, SIEN, NICHOLAI KHAN, FCEE,  THINK NYC, TWIN ONE, GRIMS,  INDIE , JOOSE, MRS, FORES, OZBE, DRUST, HEVU, REUPS, MEL1, JOEY CHANG, SPRAY, OD1, VEDO jr , CHIA, BRUJA , STELLA ISABELLA  and NOAH age 9:  painted by SHARE37 in honor of the next generation. Almost all of these artists showed up and signed their name on the timeline. With the exception of a Rest in Peace tribute to STITCH 1 and SOLID 707.

Special thank you to Sophia from Delicoso Coco Helado who provided support for this project. Be on the look out for more on this project on 12ozProphet. 

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