No Mas x Alexis Arguello

By - Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

No Mas always finds inspiration in the history of athletics. Their latest T-shirt looks to Alexis Arguello, the boxing champion from Nicaragua. Here’s what Grotesk had to say about the latest release on his blog for 12ozProphet: Alexis Arguello was born a shoemaker’s son in the poorest barrio of Managua, Nicaragua. When his family could no longer afford to send him to school, he turned to boxing and went on to become the greatest champion in his country’s history. Known as “El Flaco Explosivo” – literally “the explosive thin man” – Arguello meted out a brand of fistic destruction so elegant it blurred the lines between boxing and ballet. As a featherweight and lightweight, he was without equal in the 70s and early 80s, knocking out Ruben Oliveras, Bazooka Limon, Alfredo Escalera and Boom Boom Mancini. He became the sixth man in boxing history to win titles at three different weight classes, but is best remembered for his gallant pursuit of a fourth. He wore this shirt in training for his 1982 welterweight title fight with Aaron Pryor, a brutal and controversial battle Ring magazine would later anoint “The Fight of the Decade.” Available here.

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