A note from 12ozProphet

By - Thursday, December 1st, 2016

No doubt everyone has noticed that we stopped publishing daily news on 12ozProphet. We figured it was high time we provide an explanation and maybe fill everyone in a bit on what we have planned…

Without getting too deep into details, we feel 12ozProphet has strayed further and further away from the vision we started with and from the brand that managed to develop a cult-like following through out the 1990s and early 2000s. With the advent of blogging, as well as the social media revolution, we slowly moved away from the stuff that mattered and began spending more time observing the landscape and talking about what others were doing at the expense of us simply doing our own thing.

It was hard to admit, but we now acknowledge the fact that for the last however many years, 12ozProphet had lost its way. Perhaps even through out this time, 12ozProphet remained a reflection of graffiti culture, which in the age of street art is getting harder and harder to recognize and respect. While Art Basel continues on this month for yet another year and Instagram gives rise to the next street art flavor of the month, we plan to sit things out. We’ll continue our process of recalibrating 12ozProphet and continue to work towards exploring the subjects that matter as we reposition 12ozProphet back to being a brand that known for raising the proverbial bar.

Sometime over the coming weeks, we will be relaunching an all new 12ozProphet website. The new focus of 12ozprophet.com will be the forums and a new content area that we plan to maintain as a sort of portfolio; a photo, video and editorial archive of 12ozProphet; our brand, our products and projects and occasionally showcasing friends, family, people and subjects that inspire us. In the weeks following the relaunch, we’ll be putting up a new online store and starting a new chapter in the 12ozProphet story. 

No more third-party, throwaway content. We’re further distancing ourselves from the click-bait and walking away from the crap content / advertising hustle and going back to what we do best: Putting out projects and products that stir shut up and motivate the people paying attention. Feel free to follow us on Instagram for updates, but your best bet is following along on the forum where we’ll be answering questions, posting announcements, discussing the world at large and laughing along with you all at all the dumb shit.

Stay tuned, this is going to be good! 


P.S. We have managed to preserve all member account data since launch back in 1998. If you have an old 12ozProphet member account that you can no longer access, email info@12ozprophet.com with as much detail as you can remember and we’ll help you recover your account. 


We wrote the blurb below back in 2005 for the release of the Also Known As volume 1 book and feel it couldn’t be more true if it we’re written today. 


The 12ozProphet crew is back. We’re back because graffiti’s legacy is in danger, and because we’ve lurked in plain sight for far too long. While graffiti culture floats happily along knowing full well that it only shines in a struggle, graffiti ‘cool’ continues to contribute significantly to the foundation of today’s street culture industry. After a hiatus of several years, 12ozProphet is now back to stir things up in the name of the common good. Join us as we welcome a misrepresented movement back to relevance, and once again return it to the spotlight it deserves.

12ozProphet Magazine was launched in 1993 with the goal of raising the bar for the graffiti world and integrating it’s distinctiveness into the wider world of street culture and design. Though there were graffiti magazines before us, we presented the mayhem with an elegance and attention to detail never before seen. We were the first to package top notch graffiti, innovative design, exceptional printing and intelligent thought provoking text. We ran the most extensive interview that Barry McGee (Twist) has ever given. We wrote the first in-depth article about graffiti on the Internet, and also broke Os Gemeos and the Brazilian graffiti scene to the world. In other words, we set the pace. After 12ozProphet, graffiti magazines suddenly had to appeal to a wider world of culture whose interest we had piqued. Articles had to be intelligent and well researched, design had to be not simply expedient but artful, and print quality had to be superb. Graffiti was all of a sudden relevant.

Graffiti’s influence on street culture has never been more powerful or precarious. Graffiti needs its most honest and authoritative voice back, its return
to vigor and rigor in a context broad, bold, and inspiring. Nothing makes us happier than to re-energize the scene and to give deserving participants the
opportunity to do the same in our pages. Our hunger for innovation is stronger than ever, and we now have vastly more resources at our disposal than ever
before. Put simply, we’re back because we care. Graffiti remains as relevant as ever, but it’s uncared for. With ALSO KNOWN AS the 12ozProphet crew lights a fire under a cool culture grown lazy.

At least now you know it’s coming.