Noxer DOD

By - Friday, February 27th, 2015

Noxer DOD – no introduction necessary. This Brooklyn native has had the city on smash for decades. He comes from a generation of street killers like Skuf, VFR, JA, Kez5. Hood classics… New York City. Twenty-something years and still active, I don’t think he plans on stopping ever. 

Growing up in Bushwick in the late ’80s through ’90s this guy has probably seen a whole gang of wild shit. Back when the hood wasn’t gentrified and shit wasn’t sweet. His environment was definitely an inspiration. Noxer birthed his strange, but ill, ski-mask character aound ’96. His style and artistic influences, as well as the way he incorporates them in his throws and pieces are definitely next level.

“Back in the days, niggas was playing basketball, football and all that other shit, nah’mean? I just picked up a can, my nigga. You know. And just went in.”

I like it that even as an old-school cat like Noxer has love for new-school writers and artist getting it in today. Even collabed with a homie of mine which is tight! Real recognize real is what I always say. Off top, it goes without saying that Noxer is going to be in his own lane forever. Tags, throwies, pieces, canvases, whatever… Style out the ass.

“I just came from that breed of niggas that get it in, nahm’sayin’?” Shouts Brooklyn and DOD.

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