Preview: Noxer "The Book of the Dead" at Low Brow Artique

By - Friday, January 18th, 2013

Noxer has been bombing the streets for over twenty years. Not many writers can boast such longevity in their career. For his first solo show The Book of the Dead at Low Brow Artique in Brooklyn, he focuses on Egyptian themes and new styles but never strays from graffiti completely. He’s infamous for his intimidating horror-movie interview in State Your Name, but now you can experience another side of his work. He’s been studying Egyptian art and the influences show as you can see in these recent sketchbook pages. He didn’t want to reveal any of the art that will actually be in the show, but said that the page of the animal-headed figure in the cloak inspired the direction. Also included below are examples of other themes that recur throughout his art. Although he is a quintessential example of a “mad bomber” getting up in the roughest neighborhoods, unafraid of beef, always going hard and never quits, he also does quiet drawings of Brooklyn brownstones, water-colored pieces, and intricate illustrations that display a wide range of interests. But he always returns to the raw tag, the throw-up, the piece and the character, where he revels in the unique, the imaginative and the twisted. Like his RIS crew compatriots, Ghost and Reas in particular, he has created a singular style that is hardcore and cartoony, psychodelic and experimental, avant and grimy. Check out his essay in the book Rockin’ It Suckers, which reveals a calculated and aware writer who understands environment and strategy as well as aesthetics and materials. Noxer has appeared in countless other books and magazines and is all over the internet, although using it infrequently himself. He has worked with Ket on many projects including Marc Ecko’s video game Getting Up and on art for a Yelawolf music video. Recently, the curator of this exhibition, Jowy Romano, published Noxer’s first zine, entitled No Love, which, like his sketchbooks, is varied in content and fascinating to read. Noxer deserves reflection on and recognition for all the different aspects of his art. I’m sure there are a few people would like to catch up with him and “discuss” some shit as well. But for most of us, after experiencing his work for years on the streets, we hope that this is the beginning of many more indoors as well. Text: Daniel Feral Photo: LunaPark, Jowy Romano, Will Fitzgerald, and Daniel Feral

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