Nueva Fundaciones Opens at Miami Art Space on September 28th

By - Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Miami Art Space will host NUEVAS FUNDACIONES (New Foundations), showcasing the works of Jel Martinez, Kiki Valdes, and Mariana Monteagudo opening on September 28th. An exploration of layers, sculptural elements, color and painting that is unified by the underlying aesthetic value each artist possesses. Jel Martinez continues to examine the buff, executing his vision on wood, he instinctively captures what happens over the history of a public wall. The result is a figureless expressionism through a multilayered method that both obscures and highlights his use of surfaces. Kiki Valdes uses animated imagery as both a visual lure and guide, taking the viewer deeper into abstraction and communicating through the overlap of a transformative array of forms that reconcile recognizable images with post contemporary painting. Mariana Monteagudo’s dolls channel her attachment to her theme through an intelligent palette and meticulous detail. The illusionist landscape created by her dolls is one in which color moves us from one doll to another. In doing so, the viewer absorbs the abstraction of her muse, topped by both expressive and disturbing heads. Opens: Saturday, Sept. 28th 2013 Miami Art Space 6pm – 10pm 244 NW 35th Street. Miami, FL. 33127

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