NYC Subway Map "Hurricane Sandy Edition"

By - Thursday, November 1st, 2012

{image-3} After 4 days of awful news New York City straphangers will finally recieve a bit of good news this morning.The MTA has announced that service on NYC subways will finally resume today and it will be free.The impact of Hurricane Sandy which has devistated the entire metropolitan area, also left the subway in flooded disarry since being shut down on sunday evening. New York governor Andrew Cuomo has declared the situation”a transit emergency” and has authorized the MTA to suspend transit fares for the reminder of the work week all of this is an effort “To get people out of their cars and onto mass transit” said Cuomo. Restoring service may help to bring some semblance of normalcy in a week that has been anything but normal. Of course there is no such thing as a free ride, and service will be limited with no service between Brooklyn and Manhattan as well as no service in lower Manhattan as power still has not been restored to this area.You will be able to travel from the northernmost sections of the Bronx and reach mid-town, from parts of Brooklyn and Queens you will required to get off the train before crossing into Manhattan and take a bus or walk. The lines that have been lightened in color represent those that have been suspened, and most of these are in the lower lying areas that have taken the brunt of the devistation. Download the PDF here.

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