NYCHOS in Paris: Train Mural

By - Thursday, May 21st, 2015

To the beat of Judas Priest, NYCHOS is on tour. Slicing up animals, skinning creatures, exploring bodies, arteries, veins, bones and perhaps the various layers of the identity…
This born and raised Austrian artist recently exhibited a selection of the artworks in Paris, displayed on large (very large) walls. 

The show, entitled “OFF THE WALL”, consisted of 6 canvases and couples of black and white drawings. The sketches are particularly interesting, as NYCHOS’ mural process is only preceded by an idea and a rough sketch – he goes with the flow. The show included the Black Widow made in Hamburg, the Orca from Brooklyn, the Shark painted during Pow Wow in Hawaii and the more recent Polar Bear, which found its home Vienna.

As the zombified Noah’s Ark awaited the arrival of NYCHOS connoisseurs, he couldn’t resist going around town to look for a location to place a brand-new mural. Right next to Gare du Nord, an abandoned train maintenance warehouse, the location, ghostly and out of business, was slow and quiet. NYCHOS got to this impossible-to-access spot and laid out a beautiful tribute to the soul of this site.

Check out the photos above to see some behind-the-scenes footage of NYCHOS painting in Paris. In the coming weeks, 12oz will be sharing a short film depicting the making of the mural with comments by NYCHOS. Stay tuned.

NYCHOS_OFF-THE-WALL_OPENSPACE_2 NYCHOS_OFF-THE-WALL_OPENSPACE_3 NYCHOS_OFF-THE-WALL_OPENSPACE_8 NYCHOS_OFF-THE-WALL_OPENSPACE_12 pre-show-nychos-paris-alexis-deforges-0 pre-show-nychos-paris-alexis-deforges-1 pre-show-nychos-paris-alexis-deforges-2


Behind-the-scenes photos shot in Paris by Alexis Deforges


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