Obama Ads Coming to Madden 13 and Other EA Titles

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Oh politics. Within the next month, you’ll start seeing some Obama campaign ads in your EA titles including the all mighty Madden 13. Players in states that are notorious for Republican/Democratic battle can expect to see advertisements, like the above Obama campaign ad encouraging voter registration in the weeks leading up to November 6th. According to the publisher, Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Virginia are among the states to be specifically targeted.

But this hasn’t been the first time this has happened. Four years ago, Obama bought ad space for over 18 games in an attempt for voters to get out and vote early. After seeing the ads gamers were 120 percent more likely to feel positively toward the candidate and 50 percent more likely to consider voting for him based on surveys by EA. When asked if EA would be accepting advertisements for other political candidates, a representative told GamePolitics that they would work with “credible political candidates, similar to a TV, radio or online channel,” as well as that “the ads do not reflect any political policy for EA.”

Does anybody else think this will work again for the second time? We’ll find out in November.

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