OBEY x COPE2 Takeover for OBEY Clothing

By - Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Shepard Fairey has announced on his website that he will begin a collaboration with New York City’s Cope2 for OBEY Clothing. On Thursday July 25th “at a random time between 10am and 12noon PST,” Obeygiant.com will be releasing 100 limited edition screen prints signed by Shepard Fairey and Cope2 for $50. The posters have been released as a celebratory gesture announcing the collaboration between Cope2 and Shepard Fairey for OBEY clothing. Fairey has been an admirer of Cope2’s work since the early nineties, when the notorious NYC bomber was up everywhere all the time, before the city began cleaning graffiti as quickly as it currently does. “Especially in the 90’s, COPE was everywhere,” Fairey says. “The guy was definitely one of the most prolific bombers I’ve seen, and I’ve spent a lot of time in New York City.” Fairey’s admiration of Cope2 as a bomber grew into to a friendship between the two artists when they made contact through email. They eventually met up in New York City to collaborate on a wall in downtown Manhattan, and a wall in the Bronx that Cope2 has maintained for many years. In addition to high-profile legal productions, Cope and Fairey went out to do some NYC bombing and hit freeway spots. “We showed a little uptown/downtown love, and mutual appreciation,” says Fairey. The print to be released on July 25th features COPE superimposed on the OBEY icon. Additionally, Fairey and Cope are working on a shirt to commemorate the Bronx collaboration. After deciding first on a poster collaboration to celebrate the Bronx wall, Fairey and Cope hooked up with renowned graffiti and street art photographer Martha Cooper to shoot the photo of the wall. “So between me, COPE2, and Martha,” says Fairey, “it was a pretty epic collaboration.” Keep your eyes peeled for more releases by Cope2 and Shepard Fairey for this epic collaboration for OBEY clothing.

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