Old School Event: Under the Influence of Lava at Maysles Cinema in Harlem

By - Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

At the Maysles Cinema in Harlem, the most recent event in the Under the Influence of Lava series featured a movie screening, panel discussion, and art exhibition with original writers from the turn of the 70s. This event celebrating the original writers from the turn of the seventies was curated by Lava, who himself is one of the original masters. The event lasted about five hours and included a screening of Lava’s movie called Urban Writers in the Streets of NYC, which was shown twice, as well as a short slide show of live painting sessions. There was also an extensive art exhibition downstairs and a panel discussion with Clyde, Bama/Amrl, Lava, LSD-Om and Mico up on stage that turned into a lively discussion with people speaking up from the audience, including Riff 170, Wicked Gary and more. Even Cornbread came up from Philly to hang out. Other original writers in attendance, who were part of the gallery exhibition and the wild photoshoot going on, were Flint…, FDT 56/Salsa, Kool Kito, Checker 170, Part 1, King 2, Slave, Chain 3, and many more. Riff 170, wearing a 12ozProphet t-shirt and whose face has been digitally masked for his privacy, spoke from the audience about the importance of style. On the train home, at a transfer point, 12oz was surprised to catch a picture of a Super Stuff tag, who is another original writer that wasn’t involved in this event. Snake 1 had told Natalie Hegert and Daniel Feral (who will be teaming up to do an Original Writers Interview Series for 12ozProphet) last week at the Scope art fair that he had spotted a new tag by Super Stuff and showed them the picture. Guess it’s the season for the original writers to catch some shine inside and out. Text and Photo: Daniel Feral

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