Opening Tonight: Darkclouds at Lot F Gallery in Boston

By - Friday, June 1st, 2012

Like Richard Hambleton’s splashed “shadow men” that stalked the city streets at the turn of the 80s, Darkclouds’ dripped “dark clouds” have haunted the urban psyche with the same effect since the turn of the New Millennium. Poetically deep and emotionally resonant, the Darkclouds’ icon has been one of the most powerful symbols dispersed throughout the New Millennium urbanography as illegal aesthetic manifestations. Due to the beauty of their expressionistic execution, the compression of a universal emotional state, and their relentless dissemination throughout the city streets, they have connected with the imagination and emotions of the public and been recognized as one of the important visual metaphors of our culture. Over the years, Darkclouds has been one of the artists consistently sought after as a mysterious entity who managed to poetically capture and reveal the hearts of the people. He is one of the earliest members of the new generation of “street artists” that appeared at the turn of the New Millennium. Utilizing metal signs, boards and stickers, he began as a storm front in Boston, swept through NYC, then San Francisco, London and everywhere else he has been over the past ten years. Coming from a graffiti background, he didn’t just put up a few signs, take pictures, and post them on internet. He went hard and achieved long-running all-city status over the years in Boston and NYC. This displays his commitment to his art form and emphasizes the urgency of his message. As long as his history has been on the streets, Darkclouds has also been showing in galleries. He has been in countless exhibitions over the years, including the important “11 Spring” exhibition curated by the Wooster Collective, and also has had the honor of being a featured artist for the past five years of the Woodward Gallery, who also handles Richard Hambleton. This new show at Lot F Gallery in Boston is on the cusp of Darkclouds ten year anniversary and is happening in the city of the icon’s genesis. This may be why he has made this comment in the exhibition statement about the focus of this series: “The showing of the Darkclouds at Lot F Gallery will feature paintings in a variety of styles. These various styles, with the use of the Darkclouds image, have been cycled through and experimented with over the years, but this series will focus more on the original look when the project first began in Boston. Using signs of the same nature and incorporating elements of the first pieces created, it will pay homage to, well, itself…” Definitely check out this show. The art in it contains the original style, energy and power of his early work, but also reveals a time of reflection and regeneration. Darkclouds is an important artist not only for the cultural impact of this icon itself, but also because of the artist’s multiple skills and powerful tenacity. Like an aesthetic force of nature, Darkclouds on the horizon continue to morph into imaginative shapes and emotional resonance that will capture and connect. On display and on sale, there is something for anyone and everyone. There are paintings of all sizes on boards, metal signs, and stickers. As an exclusive to this gallery, stickers will ONLY be on sale through the Lot F Gallery at this time. For details about the show visit the gallery’s site or their Facebook event page. {image-6} {image-7} {image-1} {image-3} {image-4} {image-2} {image-5} Text: Daniel Feral Photo: Darkclouds and Lot F Gallery

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