Openings: Library Street Collective Presents Revok and Pose in Dubai

By - Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Detroit’s Library Street Collective presents new work from internationally renowned artists, REVOK and POSE in Dubai on April 24th for a special one night only event in partnership with Rolling Stone Middle East. More information here.
The Mine- Exit 43 (Al Manara Road), Street 8, Warehouse 38, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

When discussing artists who have risen out of the realm of graffiti and into the modern contemporary art world, POSE and REVOK are always an integral part of the conversation. These daydreaming revolutionaries have solved for themselves that most elusive riddle, ‘How does a graffiti writer gain access to the broader art community and fine art collector without knocking down the walls clumbsily?’ Instead of opting for the traditional path, the path of least resistance of trading bricks for canvas, POSE and REVOK have come up with unique ways to express their creativity while reminding us artistically and effortlessly of their humble beginnings. POSE & REVOK have not only become dominant forces in the urban landscape but have set a standard for quality and innovation so high that they are revered as visionaries among their peers and fans alike. With both artists exploring similar themes and narratives in entirely different ways using contrasting materials and techniques, the end result is an emotional journey through the colorful and vibrant patterns and textures of their life experiences. Each artist has enjoyed great success recently with sold out shows in New York City, Miami (Art Basel) and Detroit. With a few large scale mural projects under their belts in Detroit for Library Street Collective (recently featured in the Wall Street Journal) and in New York City on the world famous Houston Bowery wall, POSE & REVOK continue to inspire.
It is with great pleasure that Library Street Collective presents POSE & REVOK for a one night event in partnership with Rolling Stone Stone Middle East. Please contact the gallery for more information at
Pose (Jordan Nickel) was born in 1980 in Evanston, Illinois, and is currently based in the city of Chicago. Nickel graduated from Kansas City Art Institute in 2004 with a painting major, after having practiced graffiti since 1992. He has since become one of the world’s foremost graffiti-style fine artists, respected by his peers and acknowledged by many experts in the field as a pioneer. In 2005 he founded We Are Supervision, a creative agency that focuses on large-scale, hand-painted signs and billboard mural painting. His studio work is strongly informed by his graffiti experience and his immersion in old-school and classic sign painting. As a member of several distinguished art collectives such as The Seventh Letter and MSK he has painted murals around the globe, most recently on New York City’s illustrious Houston/Bowery wall and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit with REVOK. POSE has recently exhibited in Detroit, NY and LA, each show selling out quickly and garnering critical acclaim.
Born in Riverside, California in 1977 Los Angeles-based REVOK discovered art through his fathers collection of 60’s & 70’s album covers, comic books, and skateboarding culture. In 1990 REVOK began sneaking out of the 2nd story window of his parents home to explore the urban environment and add his unique touch to the graffiti landscape. Today, REVOK is celebrated as one of the most daring and influential graffiti writers of his generation having been invited around the world to share his gift. His unique style and attitude led to a transition into the fine art world that has been nothing short of earth-shattering. REVOK explores deep shared themes involving place and human experience, using the very materials that make up the urban environment we are surrounded with and live in. REVOK has exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles “Art in the Streets” exhibition, as well as The Pasadena Musuem of Contemporary Art’s “Street Cred”, both in 2011. REVOK recently participated in a high-profile mural project in Detroit with Library Street Collective, along with painting the famous Houston/Bowery wall in NYC and a public commission by the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit with POSE. He has achieved tremendous success in the gallery setting with two sold out exhibitions with Library Street Collective, one in Detroit and one during Art Basel in Miami, and others in NYC, LA and Berlin.

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