Os Gemeos and Crew Paint Whole Train in Brazil

By - Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Since the beginning of the subway graffiti movement writers have fantasized about painting the allusive whole train. Few crews pulled it off before the buff in New York. In Craig Castleman’s Getting Up Lee Quinones recalls the night when his crew, the Fabulous 5 accomplished this feat. In a famous scene in Style Wars a couple writers gather to, as Duro famously put it, ‘negoiate’ getting permission from the city to paint a whole train. It never happened. Bates recently posted a photo of the first permission whole car painted in Denmark by K. Crew in 1986. Os Gemeos has been able to accomplish what very few have. This end-to-end whole train was painted with permission to coincide with their exhibition Fermata at Museu Vale, which is situated in a restored and converted train station. This train is the third one painted as part of Project Whole Train. Previous trains were painted in Sao Paulo and Rio. Os Gemeos enlisted the help of crew-mates and friends Finok, Xabu, Ise, Coyo, Toes, Diet, Water, and Rud. Click through the images above to check it out. Photo: Os Gemeos

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