A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou is the latest victim of Kidult’s storefront graffiti

By - Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Back in January, A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou was both seen and heard expressly using the n-word casually in reference to A.P.C.’s Fall 2015 men’s collection and collaboration with Timberlands. Inevitably, this upset many, especially when Touitou claimed that Kanye West had approved of his use of the term. Timberlands immediately cut their losses and ended their collaboration with A.P.C., refusing involvement with a company that would allow this absurdity, reminiscent of 19th century racisms. 

Yesterday, trickster graffiti artist Kidult took it upon himself to dole out some corporal punishment to the A.P.C. storefront for Touitou’s atrociously insensitive and oblivious use of the n-word. The photos, posted to Kidult’s Instagram, depict a massive tag on the brand’s 112 Rue Vieille du Temple location in Paris with “N*ggas.” The side of the store was adorned with another Kidult addition: “Latin adj. ‘niger’ contemptuous, offensive and racist term for a black person.” The photos are tagged with #lastn*ggasinparis #openyourmind #youaretheslave #whiteprivilege, and it sounds like he was passionate about opening the minds and eyes of millions.

This is not the first of Kidult’s notorious and retributive paint-filled fire extinguisher ventures. In 2012, 12oz broke the story and the controversy that ensued when Kidult hit Marc Jacobs’ SoHo store with a huge “Art” tag. Kidult has made many of these night trips, bombing storefronts, “getting up” for his values. He hit a Louboutin storefront after Christian Louboutin held a “graffiti themed” party in Beverly Hills in celebration of his 20th anniversary. Many major designers and brands have been victim to Kidult’s messy wrath. But who could say Touitou didn’t deserve it?

Some argue that this act was nothing but a Kidult-created attention-grabbing device to elicit fame and followers. But check out his hashtags. Regardless of his intention to further his own personal agenda, that agenda seems to be aligned with that of the majority affected by Touitou’s wreckless and ignorant superiority complex. So, really, who cares? And so what if we give Kidult the attention of which A.P.C. was previously the recipient? 

Whether Kidult’s aim was to spotlight himself or to draw attention to the foul ignorance of a wealthy and well-known fashion capitalist, it succeeds. Also, the great news is: that cleanup is going to take a while.

Is Kidult just adding paint to the fire? Sound off below.

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