Pablo Power’s “A Circle Unbroken: Tributes in Pattern” Art Opening Friday the 20th in NYC

By - Thursday, February 19th, 2015

This Friday, February 20th, Pablo Power debuts his solo exhibition “A Circle Unbroken: Tributes in Pattern” in TriBeCa at No Romance Galleries. This will be Power’s most expansive solo show to date.

Power was raised in Florida, where he began his forée into the street art world of gritty 80s/90s pre-Art Basel and gentrification Miami. His crude beginnings in the graffiti world were not only recognized by higher authorities (literally), they were commissioned.

His contemporary signature style, featuring a mélange of imagery, text and pattern, is a product of years of studied technique and exploration. Mixing photography with paint and process with sculpture, Pablo’s patterns have a cyclical nature of their own. The theme of the show, the endless knot, or neverending space-time, is paralleled in his technique and its novel process.

Aside from the focus on the cyclical nature of life and his own artist technique, Pablo’s works seem to centralize on an obsession with the entropy of humanity. This focus is clear among his close-up photography of hoarder-created piles of consumer compost.

This impassioned interest in the dilapidated is further evidenced by the collection of pieces in his book, published by No Romance Galleries newly established independent press. This book, “Manifold Machinations: Tribute Refined” includes photographs and past pieces that will not appear in the show, as well as some original photography, untouched and the story that traces the concept behind his recent work.

One hundred and twenty-five numbered copies of his book, replete with Pablo’s works and his own insight to the mechanisms that drive them, will be available at the opening for $20. Fifty signed artist-proof copies, each including a unique polaroid image, will also be available for $50.

When asked what kind of opening party this would be, Pablo described his penchant for old school 90s rap, especially that of local Miami artists. His personally curated playlist is aligned with the graffiti and street art mental that many of his friends and fans share. This energy will inarguably immerse his viewers in the Miami scene in which his style was first conceived.

The opening reception will be held on Friday, February 20th at 7pm at No Romance Galleries (355 Broadway, New York, NY 10013). 



Be sure to check out Pablo’s website, where his past and present works can be found.

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