Painting the Steve Powers Way

By - Monday, August 20th, 2012

Check out these process shots from Steven Powers’ studio. Keeping it as real as he always does, Powers breaks down his art process in 11 steps. Step 1: is to spend a few months doodling ideas on the 2 train to work. Step 2: is to draw the best of those doodles across 4 large panels, or whatever you can fit in your shop. Step 3: is pick a color and start painting. EASY. Step 4: Draft Justin Green in to motivate and dominate Step 5: Work Seekdays and Seekends! If the sign painting table collapses, prop it up on two chairs. Justin Green says “now its the right angle for enamel” ok, PERFECT Step 6: Keep plenty of Todd James artwork on view, rise up to the challenge of your rivals with the eye of the tiger, etc. Step 7: Leave the AC off so the paint dries fast. Hydrate, and avoid drinking the thinner. Step 8: The third coffee makes your hand shake, the third beer makes your vision blurry. Step 9: Draw only what you see, dont do cute. Step 10: Bring in Disco Des to make some critical observations Step 11: Finish and start again. The real powers move was to call in Sean Barton to Lay spray and play GBV. Welcome back Sean. And Bob Pollard, we see you!

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