"Parasite" – Cutting Edge Tunnel Projections in Berlin By Frédéric Eyl

By - Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Breaking the monotony of daily life can be an art in itself. We have all looked out the window of a train passively for something to enrich our ride. Graffiti artists have always found the writing on the wall as a form of entertainment. Frédéric Eyl has done something similar and innovative. He has created a projection system called “Parasite” which is a self contained projection suitcase that is attached to the side of a train and uses the the moving walls outside the train as a projection screen, transforming a mundane trip into an interactive dreamworld. If you live in the United States I would suggest not trying this at home, unless you desire a visit from your local “homeland security” officer. From the Artist: “Parasite is an independent projection-system that can be attached to subways and other trains with suction pads. Using the speed of the train as parameter for the projected content, the projection starts with the train moving inside a tunnel. These tunnels bear something mystic — most people usually have never made a step inside any of those tunnels. Confusing the routine of your train-travelling-journey, your habits and perception the projections Parallel Worlds — making use of Parasite — allow you a glimpse into a different world full of surrealist imagery.”

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